BIM Project Management

We offer our services for BIM Management assignments for your projects, as well as support for your needs in project management assistance or in BIM modeling and coordination.

1. Define customer requirements

With the help of a diagnosis of their current work process, we help our clients to understand and establish their needs and uses for an effective implementation of BIM.

2. Development of customized BIM solutions

By mapping out the roadmap, we help our clients to draft their BIM agreement, and to set up the appropriate BIM workflow for their projects.

3. Implementation of BIM solutions

We assist our clients in their BIM projects by offering a multitude of services according to their needs (full BIM modeling, quality control of models, etc.)

4. Customer support throughout the BIM stages

VIG Smart teams up with prime contractors and companies to manage their BIM projects (administration of the collaborative platform, technical coordination and BIM synthesis, support for site teams, etc.)